Hosting and facilitation

Hosting and facilitation

Vivienne is in great demand as a host and facilitator.

Her clients range across the board and include governments, industry and a wide range of organisations such as the Royal Society and Norwegian Academy of Science.  She is immensely experienced and with a background in live broadcasting, is able to cope with almost any eventuality.   Her highly engaging style, her charm and her broad knowledge ensure the enthusiastic participation of audiences.  She works mainly in the science, technology, innovation and medical arenas.  She prefers in person events but has also facilitated many online only ones

Some of the events she has facilitated in 2021

  • Hosting the G7 Vaccine Confidence Summit for HM Government
  • THIS Institute’s THISspace

Some other notable events

  • Facilitating the G8 Dementia Summit and subsequent legacy event in 2013 and 2014
  • Hosting Adaptation Futures for the Dutch Government and UN in Rotterdam in 2016
  • Facilitating the China Britain Business Summit with President Xi Jinping in 2015
  • Hosting the launch of the EC Digital Strategy in Latvia 2015
  • Presenting a BBI ‘fashion show’ in Bratislava in 2016
  • Hosting debates at the Innovation Convention 2014 for the European Commission
  • Moderating debates at the European Parliament on World Depression Day
  • Moderating events in contested arenas including food, pharma and biotech for UK Research Councils, EFSA and others
  • Hosting the L’Oreal For Women in Science debate in Paris
  • Moderating  various Kavli Prize debates for the Norwegian Academy of Science in Oslo
  • Hosting a two day conference for the Chief Scientific Officer of the Department of Health
  • Hosting the innovation awards for NHSE
  • Chairing numerous media advisory boards and presentations for medical conferences