Vivienne is such an inspiring woman – am thinking a more academic and serious Beyoncé! It was great to meet her – Anon, Crucible attendee.

We are grateful for your brilliant contribution as a keynote speaker to this success. We had many comments that particularly highlighted your presentation – 3rd European Healthcare Design 2017 Congress at the Royal College of Physicians.

I greatly appreciated Vivienne’s knowledge, expertise and experience and her willingness to share these with us all. I was very happy to have met a person that is so inspiring, challenging and supportive. She deeply loves what she does and she takes a genuine interest in what other people do – the combination of these two aspects was truly inspiring for all of us – Anon, Crucible attendee.

Thank you for being such a fantastic facilitator. I was struck by how challenging that kind of role is, and you made it appear effortless – Anon, Crucible attendee.

Vivienne has a wonderful style and balances knowledge, commitment and self-deprecating humour extremely well. I am member of a Toastmasters club, a peer-group organisation for people who want to improve their public speaking and overcome shyness and stage fright, and we practice a number of techniques. I could not help noticing that Vivienne masters all the tools and techniques we practice in the club. – Dr Ruth Callaway, Crucible attendee.

First of all, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your truly outstanding moderation of our recent meeting in Germany. All of us, including Uta (Kemmerich-Keil) and Atilla (Cansun), were thrilled about how well you led the discussions, involved the speakers and occasionally the audience, and ultimately still kept the whole agenda just on time – Lars Atorf, Global Director of Communications, Merck Consumer.