Vivienne has always loved helping young researchers and doctors realise their potential.  Since 2005, she has facilitated Crucible, a project started by NESTA, which brings together about 30 fast track early career researchers for three residential sessions, helping them collaborate more effectively and work in an inter-disciplinary way.  Vivienne helps them communicate better, shows them how the media works and in particular helps them understand how to achieve greater impact by being better able to talk to policy makers.

Her Crucible alumni – the Cruciblistes – now number nearly 2,000.  Many have achieved great success, in science such as quantum computing guru Professor Jeremy O’Brien or in science or arts communication like space scientists Maggie Aderin Pocock and Lucie Greene or Radio 3 arts presenter Sarah Dillon.

Vivienne is particularly proud of her associations with the Heriot-Watt Crucible and with the Welsh, Scottish and Digital Crucible programmes.

She continues to work with early career academics through UKRI’s Future Leader Fellowships.


The Crucible Programme

I’ve just had the joy of facilitating the 7th Heriot-Watt Crucible.  The Crucible programme was begun by the innovation charity Nesta back in 2005.  It brings together some 30 early to mid career researchers, all of whom have been identified as potential high flyers for three residential sessions helping them to communicate, collaborate in an interdisciplinary way … Continue reading The Crucible Programme